YoungSons Enterprises

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Also wanted: Interns / Stagiairs Hadoop & MapReduce
Also wanted: Interns / Stagiairs Statistics & Econometrics

Wanted: brilliant engineers who are ready to push the limits of massive real time data processing

Youngsons is an Amsterdam based online advertising technology startup. The company is breaking new grounds in leveraging transparency and ad-targeting capabilities in a real-time online environment, bringing cutting-edge tools and platforms to market.


Youngsons is backed by significant capital. The two founders (David de Jong & Ruben Gersons) have successfully launched and operated multiple companies.

Youngsons is in stealth mode, so we can’t share everything. However we can share this: processing billions of requests per day, doing live DB lookups, providing real time reporting and having this all in high availability is a very nice challenge.

Youngsons is looking for brilliant engineers that are self manageable. Nothing is fixed yet. You will be part of the team architecting the system, choosing the tech stack, infrastructure and so on.

No matter how great the skills, there’s one thing that will truly make a great company: a team of nice people working in a friendly environment, appreciating different opinions, helping out one another.

Don’t worry: this name is a working title